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Cam to the Rescue: Ferguson Police Receive Donation of Body Cameras

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FERGUSON, MO – After three weeks of frustration, protests, and mourning – after 18-year-old Mike Brown was shot to death by a cop – folks in Ferguson may be getting just the relief they need.

The Ferguson Police Department just got a special delivery of 50 body cameras, which means there’s now one device for every member of the force. The donation reportedly comes for Digital Ally, a Kansas based company which specialized in creating these gadgets.

In an effort to squash the drama circling the department, Ferguson’s Chief of Police is making sure his cops are getting properly trained to operate the body cams.

In future cases, if a cop is armed with a body cam, it won’t be hard to know exactly what happened. The cop will either be exonerated or indicted.

Back in Texas, the entire Celina police force was recently equipped with the devices. And a recent confrontation captured on dash cam –which looked like an over-reaction – turned out to be justified when the body cam showed the officer was pummeled by the suspect.

The cam don’t lie.

Now, these cameras won’t bring Mike Brown back to life, nor shed any light on this investigation. But they could change the future for the people of Ferguson.

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