Shark Bait: Mark Cuban Shows off ‘Shark Tank’ Products

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DALLAS —You might have seen Mavs owner Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank.  You know, the show where entrepreneur hopefuls pitch their ideas to wealthy investors and either get the axe or the cash?

Folks at Central Market in Dallas got to swim with the shark himself Thursday.

“You know, one of the beauties of Shark Tank is that it really inspires people and lets them know that the American Dream is alive and well, there’s a lot of different ways that I’m able to help in the community—locally, nationally.”

Four of Cuban’s success stories have their products on the shelf and showed their stuff.  Products like gluten-free Alyssa’s cookies!

“It’s about 350 calories for a whole package,” Cuban said.

“It’s delicious,” a customer said.  “You can’t tell that it’s gluten-free, and trust me, I’ve tried all the gluten-free food from my wife.”

Cuban also showed off Simple Sugars, a natural, organic skin scrub.

“Lani was 11 when she started her company,” he said.  “When she came into the Shark Tank, she had done $40,000 in sales. I saw a little mini-me in her.”

The monkey-mat was on the shelves too.  It’s a portable mat that turns a dirty spot into a baby-safe zone.

“If you’re as disorganized as I am, particularly if you’ve got three kids and you’re dying to take your kids out, but you want to do it right or otherwise your wife would yell at you — Monkey Mat’s perfect,” Cuban said.

Oh yeah, and how could we forget Chapul—the energy bar with crickets inside?

“We make our energy bars with a cricket flour, alternative proteins and there’s just so many people willing to try,” Pat Crowley with Chapul said.  “We were able to secure an investment with Mark Cuban and he’s been phenomenally helpful.”

“They’re all amazing products and we’re glad to be part of them,” Cuban added.

So, if cricket-infused chocolate tickles your fancy, head on to Central Market!

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