Poor Dallas: Big D Ranks Third in Nation for Poverty

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DALLAS – We’ve all seen the despair in Detroit, street after street of abandoned homes boarded up buildings. And it’s no secret that Memphis is a mess with rising unemployment.

But what city do you think comes in third when it comes to poverty? Try Dallas.

We’re talking third worst in the country for overall poverty in cities with more than a million people, according to a study done by UT Dallas.

And it doesn’t stop there. Big-D reportedly ranks number one when it comes to child poverty in cities with a population of one million or more.

“73% of the clients are below the poverty line meaning that a family of four is existing on less than $23,000 dollars a year or less, which is very hard to do in Dallas,” says Jan Pruitt, President and CEO of the North Texas Food Bank.

Wherever you look, there’s just more bad news.

“We have to recognize that too many families are struggling and unable to get by,” Rosemarie Rieger said.

What’s it going to take to lower these numbers? Is it raising minimum wage?

“I would challenge you that if you want to know what it feels like to live on the proposed wage for a week, to live on $10.25 an hour and see how difficult just that is,” Erin Moore said.

Whatever the solution, hopefully it comes quick. Dallas is seeing poverty rates grow and grow since the new millennium – ranking second the nation for poverty growth.

Until things change for the better, all we can say is poor Dallas.

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