Fighting God: School Plaque Referencing God Removed

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MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Mountain Peak Elementary School is in the spotlight for a dedication plaque on campus.

It featured two crosses with the script, “Dedicated in the year of our Lord 1997 to the education of God’s children and their faithful teachers in the name of the Holy Christian Church. Soli Deo Gloria.”

Someone contacted the Freedom from Religion Foundation. In a statement that, that organization says, “It should go without saying that a public elementary school may not proclaim ‘glory to God alone’ nor dedicate itself to a particular church. We do applaud the school district for taking swift action to correct this Constitutional violation.”

That’s right, the school took down the plaque as well as another one at Longbranch Elementary.

“I think that’s stupid,” Longbranch parent Lloyd Pittman said. “If don’t like it just don’t look at.”

It’s certainly not the first time God has been the center of a school controversy.

Cheerleaders from Kountze in Southeast Texas have been in court for two years over banners that include God. The district has lifted the ban, but the girls want the State Supreme Court to back them.

Back in 2004, Plano schools caused an uproar when they banned a student from handing out candy canes with a religious story. An appeals court eventually cleared the principal.

Most recently, a Tennessee student was suspended this month for saying ‘Bless You’ after someone sneezed in class.

There’s just no pleasing everyone when it comes to religion and school.