Startling Stop: Forney Mom, Kids Pulled Over at Gunpoint

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FORNEY — The video is compelling: four Forney cops; four different dash cameras; one car in question.

Officer: “Driver! Let me see your hands! Everybody stick your hands out the window!”

Just one problem — the aggressive stop wasn’t even warranted.

Officer: “Exit the vehicle. Turn away. Walk backwards and keep your hands up in the air. Walk backwards.”

The woman who was stopped is Kametra Barbour – an innocent citizen who was simply driving with four young children.

Officer: “Come on back.”

Kametra: “What is wrong?”

Officer: “Keep walking backwards. Put your hands behind your back.”

Kametra: “Yes, sir. what is wrong?”

Officer: “I”ll talk to you in a minute.”

Kametra: “My kids! They’re 6 and 8 and10, 9. What are we doing?”

Terrified and in tears, cops cuff Kametra as she desperately tries to figure out why she was pulled over.

Kametra: “Sir, what is going on? Oh, my god! You’re terrifying my children.”

Turns out, cops were searching for a driver who was spotted waving a gun out a car window. The initial 9-1-1 call reported a tan Toyota; but Kametra’s car is a maroon Nissan.

Kametra: “We don’t have a gun.”

It didn’t take cops long to realize they stopped the wrong person, especially when Kametra’s son exited the car, hands in the air.

Officer:  “Alright, gun down. Gun down.”

As one cop calmed the kids’ fears.

Officer: “Ya’ll ok? Just ya’ll in the car?”

Kids: “I’m a little scared.”

Officer: “It’s ok.”

Kids: “Are we going to jail?”

Officer: “No, no one’s going to jail.”

Another responding cop offered his apology.

Officer: “I apologize again, but we take every call serious. and we’re obviously, uh, we got called in on the wrong car. Alright? So, I hope it’s, uh, I hope you can understand.”

Yeah, it might take more than an apology to right this wrong.