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Foley Failure: Botched Attempt to Save Beheaded Journalist

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WASHINGTON, DC – The murder of kidnapped American journalist Jim Foley came at a high price in terms of dollars, at least.

Word now is that terrorists for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, wanted Foley’s parents and his bosses at the Global Post to pony up $132.5 million for his release.

And, we’re learning that U.S. special forces launched a raid this summer inside Syria to rescue Foley and other Americans held by the ISIS terrorists.

The Pentagon says dozens of commandos from Delta Force and Seal Team Six flew in by helicopter to an undisclosed location, but when they got there, all of the hostages, including Foley, were gone.

Before we learned of the failed operation, President Obama vowed America would be relentless in its hunt for Foley`s killers.

US and British intelligence analysts are looking over every frame of the video, looking for clues, especially the identity of the killer who spoke with a British accent.

Live Leak is one of the online sites that carried the ISIS video, but now, Live Leak says it will not show any more beheadings by ISIS.

‘No deeper insight will be offered by descending into some grotesque `beheading of the week` scenario,’ the Live Leak statement said.

For some reason we don`t think ISIS thugs and terrorists will lose any sleep about being banned from Live Leak. Unfortunately.

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