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Royal Horses: Equestrian Tour Come to Dallas

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This isn’t your regular horse and pony show, the Gala of Royal Horses are prancing to their first American debut at the American Airline Center this Saturday. These horses travel the world showing off hours and hours of training.

But for Rene Gasser, creator and producer of the equestrian tour, it’s not just a show, it’s a passion.

These horses go through more prep and training than the contestants at the Miss USA pageant. Just look at those luscious manly locks! Those long lashes! Those muscular legs!

“You have to be physically fit in order to do that, you look after the muscles and joints and it’s pretty much the same as them, they have to be ready for the show,” said Gasser.

A total of fifteen hot to trot stallions will show off their military style high kicks, once used on the battlefield.

“So if you can imagine being surrounded by foot soldiers, the horse would stand on its back legs, jump up in the air and kick out with all legs to make as much damage as possible. But now we just use it for art, no more violence,” said Gasser.

An art that isn’t horsing around!

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