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Give Me a Break: Construction Workers Plead for Water Breaks

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DALLAS – Let’s face it. It’s August, and it’s hot.

No one knows that better than construction workers. That’s why they’re asking for relief, and by relief we mean a break – and by a break we mean water.

Build a Better Texas says 1/3 of all construction workers in Dallas get no rest breaks on the job.

“You’ve got to be kidding. Surely there are no people here that are so callous and so cruel,” Reverend Gerald Britt of CitySquare said.

More than half aren’t being provided with water on the job.

And get this, one out of 10 workers admit they’ve seen a co-worker pass out because of heat exhaustion.

“We’re here today to recommend to the City of Dallas that they provide a rest break ordinance for workers in the community who are the backbone of our growing economy,” said Juan Cardoza-Oquendo, policy organizer for the Workers Defense Project.

This shouldn’t be a big surprise, since guys are exposed to heat eight or more hours daily.

Take a look at high school football players and the dangers they face being on the field for just a few hours. They even moved their practices to midnight, to avoid triple digit temps.


Well, the guys in hard hats are just asking for ten minute breaks – and a little H20.

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