Keeping Cool: Ice Madness Splashes DFW

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THE COLONY, TX — By now you’ve seen it over and over and over again.  People are pouring ice water over their heads all to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Better known as ALS.

Well, now the King of Ice is getting in on the challenge.

Reddy Ice, based right here in the Big D, is showing their support.  You can bet they’re doing it in a major way.

“It’s a big deal when a company like Reddy Ice joins in, gets all their employees involved, and dunks their CEO,” Tanner Hockensmith, Executive Director of ALS Association (Texas Chapter) says.  “Which is the number one thing an employee wants to do at some point.”

With all these challenges taking place around the world does this mean the ice business is seeing a spike in sales?

“Nah. I wish we could say that. No, we haven’t seen it,” Bill Corbin the CEO of Reddy Ice explains.

Most importantly, this cool fundraising tactic is bringing in a chilling number of donations compared to last year.  So far, $15.6 million has been raised.  How’s that for some cold hard cash?

It’s safe to say that these people coming together for a cause is pretty darn cool.

But why should the grown ups have all the fun?  2,000 pounds of ice was dumped into the Hawaiian falls wave pool.  It’s one last big splash before the kids leave summer behind and head to those air-conditioned classrooms.

This is an annual tradition for Hawaiian Falls.  Which tips in a ton of ice when temps hit 100 degrees for five consecutive days.  Which still hasn’t happened.

Is all these ice bucket challenges reversing global warming?