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Train to Plane: DART Begins Service to DFW Airport

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Dallas, TX—CHOO-CHOO! All aboard to DFW airport y’all!

Monday marked the first day of DART service straight to Terminal A and travelers at the Orange Line and at the terminal are… well, on board!

“Today is the first day that DART has service to DFW Airport, and I decided that I would get on the DART train, and come out here, and try to learn the lay of the land; how things are all set up,” traveler Sandra Berry said.

“I’m going to try it. I’ve got a day pass, so I’m going to go out there and check it out, just to see the convenience of it,” DART traveler Joe Foxworthy said.

The choo-choo chugs out more than 70 times each weekday, plus weekends.  DART officials estimate 1000 people will be using it daily—a big chunk of them, airport employees.

“There’s a concierge, and he can give you directions,” Berry said.  “I thought that was pretty helpful.”

And get this—there’s only a handful of train to plane systems like this in the world.

“It is trying to put Dallas on the level of an international city,” Berry added.

And hey, your wallet can relax! Instead of shelling out a Jackson per day at DFW Airport for parking, DART will cost ya just $2.50.

“It’s pretty good; I like it,” added Foxworthy.  “I went to have a couple of drinks and I don’t have to drive!”

Good job, buddy.  Folks at DART warn ya to park at your own risk.  It’s free, but there is no overnight security.  At these prices, how about getting yourself a ‘designated driver’ to drop you off at DART!

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