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Pitch Not Perfect: Miss Texas Throws A Royal Fail

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ARLINGTON–If you were able to catch the Rangers- Angels game over the weekend, you might have been thrown off by a royal first pitch.

Monique Evans aka Miss Texas might have gotten bowling and baseball mixed up! Her ball immediately hit the ground and just, well, rolled.

The only thing the pitcher caught was her … attitude, as in her balletic pose. But, the crown wearing beaut isn’t the only contender for the worst first pitch.

For starters, no one could ever forget rapper 50 Cent’s botched throw. Yeah, that pitch was way out there. Kind of like his rap career.

And Carly Rae Jepsen needs to stick to the auto tune and stay away from the curve. The pop star sent the ball nose diving into the ground halfway between the mound and the plate. Now that’s a first pitch fail.

Although most are pretty bad, you could definitely dig up some first pitch greats. You can criticize George W. Bush all you want, but there’s nothing wrong with the way he tossed the gem to Nolan Ryan at the 2011 World Series.

Yeah, looks as if the Bush  may top a “best of” list after all. Let’s hope the next celeb to step up to the plate takes a couple of practice swings first.

Come to think about it, we’d rather just make fun of them.

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