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Last Call Frisco: Council Puts Alcohol Sales til 2 am on November Ballot

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FRISCO– Well, things are on the rocks in Frisco on how late is too late to serve alcohol. Right now, last call is midnight at restaurant and bars — except on Saturdays when folks get to chug their last beer at 1 a.m.

But Monday, the Frisco City Council held a special meeting to discuss whether to extend happy hour to 2 a.m. So, what’s the hangover on this tipsy topic?

Well, some Frisco residents see it as a sobering proposal that doesn’t fit Frisco’s “family friendly” image. When it came up for a vote back in 2008, it fell flat.

One Frisco resident said, “Midnight is plenty late because you do have people that are already drunk that wanna get more drunk, so yea I think midnight is a good time to stop selling booze.”

But, with the Cowboys’ new headquarters & entertainment extravaganza opening in 2016, plus an estimated 30,000 new residents moving to Frisco since the last vote, maybe this proposal has a shot this time.

“I think the city needs to do it, because this is really becoming a sports town. People come here to attend events they want to eat, they want to drink, and they want to have a good time. It just makes sense to supply them with what they’re looking for,” another resident added.

The council decided to put the measure on the November ballot — residents will make the final call on this issue.


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