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Dallas Town Hall: D.A. Watkins Says ‘We’re not Missouri’

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DALLAS–When you see pictures like those coming from Ferguson, Missouri, you’re probably thankful it’s not happening here.

Just two years ago, it almost did happen here.

A riot nearly broke out in south Dallas in 2012 after an officer shot and killed a man near a suspected drug house. The two had been involved in a hand-to-hand fight. That case went to a grand jury and the officer was ultimately cleared.

“We’re not Missouri,” Watkins said.

The D.A. has now created his own unit to investigate when a cop shoots someone.

“We want to make sure we get through this process very quickly and we come back to the public and explain to you why the decision was made (about) whether it was justified or it was not,” Watkins said.

“Every interaction with all of our incidents will be caught on camera,” Chief Brown said, announcing that 90 body cameras are now in use by Dallas police.  The current budget includes money for 200 more cameras, and a private grant will provide funding for another 200 cameras.

“In every community, there are some strong law-abiding citizens and they want us to come in there as your public servant to do what is right,” Sheriff Valdez said.

Dallas P.D. says openness is key to avoiding trouble, and meetings like this one could help keep bad situations from getting worse.

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