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An Uber Mistake: Getting Into The Wrong Car

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Has anyone mistakenly jumped into your backseat thinking you were their Uber or Lyft driver? Well, it’s an uber oops some unsuspecting drivers are facing. What if you were jamming to the latest BeyoncĂ© hit and someone got in your car? You’d probably hit the gas.

But, what about all those less-than-sober people darting into cars at 2 a.m.? A safe ride home could turn into a dangerous situation.

Most car services have some sort of identification, like Uber’s windshield sticker or Lyft’s bright pink mustaches. Yeah, you’d have to be pretty toasted to miss that! Come on, guy. We know it’s 2014, but when in doubt you could always hail a good ole fashioned cab!

Today’s lesson? Lock your doors, drivers — and you other folks out there, look before you leap into strange cars.

It’s enough to drive you crazy, right?

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