Peace Out: Locals Hold Peaceful Ferguson Protest

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IRVING– Voices are growing louder and stronger as the deadly shooting of an unarmed Missouri teen continues to unfold.

Many folks across the nation, including right here in DFW, are using their voices to be heard.

Former Ferguson residents and NAACP members gathered Saturday for a peaceful protest vigil at Victoria Park Amphitheater. The large group came to remember 18-year-old Michael Brown.

They rallied for justice — a word written on every sign and T-shirt.

It’s what these protesters believe goes far beyond the Ferguson shooting.

“We have had too many shootings and too many killings of African-Americans and other people of color all over the United States,” said NAACP Dallas Branch President Wendy Wallace.

“Hands up don’t shoot!” has been the chant synonymous with the cause and search for closure in a case that’s divided a community in Ferguson.

Locally, demonstrators sang gospel songs and held hands in prayer to show love and support for their hometown.

“We all weren’t able to go home and show our support in the rallies so we thought it would be fitting to come together as a family unit here in the DFW area,” said protester Mary Harper.