O Say Can You See: Flag Burning Victims Get New Flags

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Weatherford, TX—Karmenn Goff is hugging her American flag a little tighter Friday.

“You folks have stepped up and done a good thing,” Goff said.

Especially since a few days ago, the flag on this Military mom’s house was in ashes…literally. Vandals wiped through Weatherford, burning, cutting, and stealing the Stars and Stripes from 16 houses.

“We’re in the process of working an investigation to try and determine the suspects in that case,” Lt. Chris Crawford with the Weatherford Police Department said.

That’s when U.S. Honor Flag Organization heard Karmenn’s story from over a thousand miles away in Miami, and stepped up.

“So we have flags here that we will present to the Weatherford Police Department, and the victims that lost their flags- -they’re yours,” U.S.H.F. Founder Chris Heisler said.

“Our sons…they would be proud,” Goff said.

“People all across the country were moved by this story, and that this organization was willing to donate.  It means a lot to me,” added her husband, Jimmy Goff.

Home Depot and Lowe’s stepped up to the plate too with donations.  And get this—the Patterson Family of Dealerships coughed up ten grand to Crime Stoppers to help find the creeps who did this.  The reward is now up to 13 thousand dollars.

“I think the message of the first Texas flag, come and take it—come get it,” Heisler said.  “This is Weatherford, Texas and you’re not going to get away with it.”

Those responsible could face everything from a misdemeanor charges to arson.

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