Parking Lot Tragedy: Walmart Employee Killed in Hit and Run

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Marla Carroll was walking into the Hudson Oaks Walmart for her night shift when she was hit, allegedly by a teen driver. Now friends and family are mourning the death of a fun-loving woman.

“Just her smile and face, she always had a smile. Even if she didn’t feel good, she tried to make you feel better. She was just a caring person,” said Dale Sewall, Carroll’s boyfriend.

The teen and her passenger fled the scene, that’s when Hudson Oaks P.D. say the passenger and driver switched seats in the pickup, only to get into another accident after leaving the Walmart parking lot.

Carroll was only a few feet from the Walmart entrance, where she worked as a night cashier, when she was killed.

Cops say alcohol may have played a part in the deadly accident.

“Approximately an hour later, the 16-year-old did come back to the scene with her mother, that’s when our investigation kicked off,” said Brandon Mayberry of Hudson Oaks Police Department.

She’s been charged with accident involving injury or death, a third degree felony.

Now, those closest to Marla Carroll are hoping for justice.

“It’s still hard, it’s gonna be hard for a long time,” said Sewall.

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