From Hero to Hero: TCC Gives Credit for Military Training

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It takes a c81847062ertain type of person to be a firefighter. That’s why the Tarrant County College’s Credit for Heroes program makes sense. It helps brave men and women who have served in one uniform train to serve in another.


A bill  sponsored by State Sen. Leticia Van De Putte called for ways to help veterans to earn degrees and certificates based on their previous military training. Grants  totaling 4.4 million dollars spread across 17 Universities helps fund various phases of the program.

Manny HernandezManny Hernandez, who ended active duty in 2013 says, ” I think it`s a great opportunity.  I think it`s just great that we are going to have that opportunity to serve our community not just our nation as well.”


At Tarrant County College’s Fire Service Training Center, veterans train on a 20 acre course called Disaster City.  Disaster city has environments set up for train accidents, hotel and room fires and even an area to practice stabilizing vehicles before removing accident victims.


firestill Disaster City