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Dam Beavers: Beavers Build Dam in Keller Community

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KELLER – Some residents in Keller have a big “dam” problem on their hands.

New houses aren’t the only construction projects at the Marshall Ridge community. A family of beavers have decided to dam up a small creek and turn this backlot into their pond home.

“They`re going to continue to build this dam and make it bigger and bigger.” said Matt Evans the owner of A Wildlife Pro DFW, “They`ll also have litters upon litters… there will be more beavers in the area. That will continue to make this pond bigger and will continue to encroach it into the property… and when you get wildlife encroachment into human areas, you tend to have problems.”

Problems like stagnant water and mosquitoes, not to mention other wild animals like the raccoon that inadvertently walked into the beaver trap on Thursday.

The water won’t flow until the dam is gone and as long as the beavers are there they’ll keep fixing up any holes that are put in the animal-made levee.

That’s where Matt Evans comes in. The community’s Homeowners Association has tasked him to catch and relocate the beavers.

“I`m taking them to a large water system, where there`s very little human interaction.” said Evans, “They need to have a large piece of water and land they can deem as their own and they`ll be perfectly fine.”

Adding that it’s also for the animals safety, “Because a lot of people will shoot them!”

Hey, just remember everybody: this was the beaver’s home way before it was ours. So keep the guns holstered and let the little guys live in peace.

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