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Buc-ee Battle: Corinth Votes ‘NO’ on Buc-ee’s

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It’s official, the Buc-ee’s mega gas station won’t be bringing its beaver nuggets to Corinth – after dozens of folks showed up at Thursday night’s mega-marathon City Council meeting which lasted for six long hours.

And it seemed like the big message from this small suburb was: Not in my backyard, Buc-ee’s!

“Beaver has developed a store model that works great in these areas, but Corinth is not one of these places,” one council member said.
Corinth homeowners got what they wanted, in a 3-2 vote.

“I think council has spoken,” Arch Aplin III said. Aplin is the owner of Buc-ee’s. “They don’t want a Buc-ees in Corinth so we’ll move on down the road and find something else on I-35.”

Sounds like it wasn’t meant to bea-ver.

It’s the battle over Buc-ee’s. The Godzilla of gas stations wants to build a 60,000 square foot mega-convenience store in Corinth — the City Council will vote tonight on whether to welcome Buc-ee’s to the neighborhood.

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