Leaning Left: You’re Right, It is International Left-Handers Day

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Do you know what today is? If you’re a lefty, you probably already do. It’s International Left-Handers Day.

Now, before you think this celebration is coming out of left field, think again. This day was created back in 1976.

So why do lefties get a day all for themselves? Well, only 10-15% of the world is left handed; you do the math. They may be the minority, but there are still some pretty major folks who lean to the left.

President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Forbes and of course Albert Einstein are all lefties – to name a few.

But what does it really mean to be left handed – besides getting frustrated by day to day tasks that cater to right handed people. Apparently lefties are more intelligent, imaginative, and multi-talented than righties. This is all according to lefthandersday.com

No bias there.

Either way, International Left Handers Day is a day for celebration. And from the looks of it, the righties need to try harder, or get left behind.

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