Worth It? FW Council Extends Disabled Cop’s Benefits, Denies Another

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FORT WORTH — The vote is in from the Fort Worth City Council. Two cops disabled in the line of duty were fighting for their jobs Tuesday night. The question was whether the city should continue to extend Officers Rich Lambing and Lisa Ramsey’s injury leave.

“It’s very stressful, it takes a lot out of me physically and emotionally,” Officer Ramsey said.

Ramsey was shot back in 2003 while working undercover. She was paralyzed from the chest down.

Officer Lambing was injured during a high-speed chase leaving him unable to hear or walk without assistance. Family and fellow officers came to speak in support of these sidelined cops.

“They are human beings who put their lives on the line for everybody in this room,” said Officer Van Houten.

Officer Ramsey’s daughter Kelsey also spoke to the council. “She’s already had her ability to walk taken away from her, and I have lost my childhood. So I am asking you please don’t take this away, too,” Kelsey said.

Ramsey’s original 12-month injury leave expired in 2004, but she’s been given multiple extensions over the years.

The good news is the council voted to extend Officer Ramsey’s benefits until she retires, allowing her to finish her career as a Fort Worth cop.

The bad news though, city council also voted to deny officer Lambing’s extension.

Here is what Mayor Betsy Price told us in a statement about the situation: “My vote to extend the injury leave benefits for Officer Lisa Ramsey was based on her ability to continue working in a meaningful capacity for the department. Unfortunately, based on information from Officer Lambing’s doctors, he would no longer be able to serve as an officer as a result of his injuries.”

With this vote, a sigh of relief for one family and a long road ahead for another.

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