Home On Aisle 6: Teen Secretly Lives in Walmart

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CORSICANA, TX —  As a kid, I know you wondered what it would be like to live inside a store. I mean, you have everything you need — food, blankets, and most importantly, toys!

Well, a 14-year-old boy lived out that dream.

Police say the teen secretly made a Walmart in Corsicana his home. Workers didn’t even notice he was there for two days.

The kid apparently wore diapers to avoid using the restroom and changed his clothes every few hours. On a less subtle note, he had two campsites — one on the baby aisle and another near the toilet paper.

He managed to get by on stolen store food and even took a pet fish from the pet department

What started to get real fishy was the reported trash trail that led to him getting caught.

In a press release, Police Chief Randy Bratton says the boy ran away from his aunt’s house. She was supposed to be looking after him while his folks were away.

His mother says he’s actually done this before, but he’s usually found hiding out in abandoned houses, businesses and creeks.

This time, he got busted camping out in Walmart.

Chief Bratton says Child Protective Services is staying out of it because abuse and neglect don’t seem to be factors. But we hope the poor kid is getting help because this is off the wall.

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