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Still Feel Safe? Activist Crosses Border in Osama bin Laden Costume

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HUDSPETH COUNTY, TX — With all the drama going on at the Texas border, it’s not hard to wonder if anyone could just stroll across without being stopped.

Well, activist James O’Keefe decided to try to answer that scary question.

The filmmaker took proving a point to a whole new level when he decided to dress up as Osama bin Laden and splash his way across the unguarded border from Mexico into Texas.

The very conservative O’Keefe released a video through his group Project Veritas that immediately put a spotlight on the U.S. border vulnerability.

Hey, if the most wanted terrorist on the planet can get in, even when he’s dead, how hard can it really be?

In addition to exposing how easy it is to cross a murky creek  east of El Paso, O’Keefe uncovered a footbridge in Hudspeth County where your feet can do the walking.

I mean, it’s not like we have a huge wall or anything keeping folks out.

It’s actually a tiny fence that allows folks to mosey on through.

Yep… No tolls here!

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