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Snooze Alert: Hitting Snooze Button Bad For Your Health

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If you snooze, you lose.

Turns out, hitting the snooze button on your alarm is messing with your mind and body more than you know.

Most of us don’t wake up naturally, we use an alarm clock.

The alarm successfully wakes us, but it also breaks our sleep cycle before our body is ready. The results is sleep inertia — that tired, groggy feeling that can last all more or all day, depending on which sleep cycle is interrupted.yawning

To make matters worse, when you hit snooze and successfully catch 40 winks, you restart your sleep cycle.

That might sound good, but it’s not.

It’s called fragmented sleep and it can make you feel even more tired and cranky when you finally drag yourself out of bed.

If you want to avoid these sleep issues, get more rest. Of course it were that easy, we wouldn’t be doing this story, now would we?

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