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Selfish: Kim Kardashian Releasing Selfie Book

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Well, the queen of selfies herself Kim Kardashian, 33, is officially publishing a book of selfies, entitled Selfish.

It’s a 352-page photo album, filled with snapshots from her social-media sites as well as never-before-seen pictures.

Now while some selfies are for her hubby Kanye West’s eyes only, Kim K did tell People magazine that she’s going to make some pics super racy and even feature her derriere in the mirror.

Not like we haven’t already seen all of her, remember the sex tape?

There are still more pics to be taken, Kim K’s book hits shelves next April and will go for $19.95.

We’ll see how many people will “keep up” with Kim’s “bad self” and buy her book.

Doesn’t exactly scream best seller!

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