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School Colors: Duncanville ISD Relaxes Controversial Dress Code

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DUNCANVILLE – Remember all of the Duncanville dress code drama at the end of the school year that led to an utter massacre? At Duncanville High, students tore through the halls and suspensions were handed out left and right for not following the strict dress code that was being enforced.

Well, school is just around the corner, so that means getting back with the program, right?


Duncanville ISD released a tweet on Tuesday, stating that the Board of Trustees ‘voted to change the Standard of Dress Policy’ for the 2014-15 school year. In addition, they provided a link to the new rules.

So what can and can’t students rock this school year?

Apparently colors are no longer restricted, which was one of the issues that caused the riot last May. Boys can also wear earrings now, belts are no longer required, and shirts without collars are allowed for the first time.

It looks like this time around, the students are getting the final say.

As for all the new clothes parents bought this summer under the old rules? Hopefully the saved their receipts!

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