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Return Fire: Laundromat Hit in Second Drive-By Shooting

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DALLAS —  Folks at a Dallas laundromat got a little more than they bargained for Monday night. Cops say the Forest Lane Wash & Dry was the scene of another drive-by shooting.

DPD says three suspects were in a car that sprayed the 24-hour laundromat. Bullets shattered windows and hit one guy in the leg. He was taken to Medical City.

An unmarked police car was also hit. That’s when cops started following the suspects. They ditched the car at an apartment complex on Wood Meadow Parkway and disappeared.

Cops did find a pistol and another gun dumped nearby.

This is the second time in less than a month this shopping center at Forest Lane & Audeila has been hit. Just three weeks ago, 15-year-old Chris Gordon was hanging out with friends when shots were fired from a car into the group in the parking lot.

“It startles you, it brings you up and I had trouble sleeping the rest of the night,” said Jim Ledford, Berkner High School Head Football Coach. “It bothers me to think that people think he hung around with the wrong type of people cause he was not like that. He hung around with good kids.”

That good kid lost his life that night. The shooter remains on the run.

Folks were luckier Monday night.

DPD is still looking for the dirt bags who shot up the laundromat and made a clean getaway.

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