Feeling Blue: Signs of Depression

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TARRANT COUNTY-Robin Williams, a man whose wacky persona left us in stitches, now leaves us with profound sadness. And has us asking questions, did his comic genius keep us from realizing there was a dark side we didn’t see.

In recent months, Williams had sought help to overcome depression and alcohol abuse. It was a battle he lost on Monday. The Tarrant County mental health department sees these cases close to home in North Texas.

“Almost anyone can get to the point of being absolutely helpless or feel helpless and overwhelmed. I think we need to listen to each person’s story in order to figure out how we can best help them,” said Dr. Carol Nati, Medical Director at MHMR Tarrant County.

Symptoms of depression that can lead to suicide include talking about hurting oneself, dying and feeling hopeless. An increase of alcohol and drug use is also associated with depression.

“I think we need to realize that depression is very common in our society and that there’s a stigma to talking about being depressed.. We need to overcome that,” said Nati.

Tarrant County has a 24-hour crisis hotline for those seeking help with mental illness.

So, as family, friends and fans remember Robin Williams, perhaps his death is a wakeup call.

A reminder from Robin to look around you and reach out.

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