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Cooling Off ALS: Ice Bucket Challenge Gaining Steam

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WASHINGTON, DC — Been wondering why some folks across social media are drenching themselves with ice water?

Chill out, the heat hasn’t gone to their heads and no, this isn’t a snarky response to those flaming idiots who are actually setting themselves on fire. These folks are indulging in a fundraiser frenzy that has folks across the U.S. taking on the ice bucket challenge.

This trend is as contagious as a cold, and it’s lowering temps to raise awareness for breast cancer and ALS.

The challenge is simple: All you do is take a bucket of ice water and dump it over your head.

This fundraising phenomenon challenges those willing to take the icy dare to turn around and challenge all their friends within 24 hours.

Since this chilly crazy challenge started months ago, the ALS Association has seen a thousand percent spike in donations.

Hey! Might not be a bad idea to jump on this social band wagon now, when temps are hitting triple digits.

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