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Trading Jabs: Candidates for Governor Talk Rape, Death Penalty

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DALLAS–The candidates for governor are taking on serious issues, like the death penalty and rape.

Wendy Davis and three rape survivors spoke in front of Dallas City Hall on Tuesday, pointing to her bill that passed in the Texas legislature to help rape victims.

“Those backlogged rape kits are now being tested,” Davis said.  “Survivors can now have evidence of their assault collected at almost any hospital.”

It comes just after her ad attacking oppenent Greg Abbott for his vote on the state supreme court 16 years ago in a case where a woman was raped by a door-to-door salesman.

For his part Abbott’s campaign calls that ad “gutter politics.”

Abbott counter-attacked with the death penalty, saying davis flip-flopped.
She supports it now, but back in 2000, when she was on the Fort Worth city council, she called for a temporary moratoriaum to study the death penalty and possible changes.
Her side says it wasn’t a flip-flop, but an effort to be sure everything’s done fairly.

Hey, folks.  We’ve got three more months to hear these two go back and forth.


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