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Armed & Unarmed: Two Officer-Involved Shootings In Less Than 24 Hours

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DALLAS –  There have been two fatal shootings by Dallas cops in less than 24 hours.

Dallas PD responded to a disturbance on Espanola Drive Monday morning and confronted a knife wielding man who had stabbed three family members.

“The suspect refused to drop the knives and the officer shot the suspect.” reported Gil Garza, the deputy chief of the Crimes Against Persons division, “Responding cover officers subsequently tazed the suspect because he remained combative. The suspect involved is deceased.”

Cops are almost always cleared to use deadly force when the suspect has a weapon, like this situation. But what if the suspect is unarmed?

Residents on Rosemont Avenue are still trying to get over seeing a man shot dead on their street on Sunday evening.

“Feels pretty bad. It just brings flashbacks from Vietnam seeing the individual laying there.” said Arnold Aleman. The suspect was shot right in front of his front yard.

“I gave them so plastic to… put on those chest wounds that he had, he had two wounds in his chest. It`s rough.”

The suspect was identified as 26 year old Andrew Gaynier. He was unarmed at the time of the shooting but Dallas PD says they have proof that Gaynier was acting in a threatening manner before an off-duty cop pulled the trigger.

“The shooting was captured on video and confirms that Gaynier rushed Sr. Corporal Hudson after attempting to gain entrance into a van occupied by a family as it was being driven down the street.” said Jeff Cotner at a press conference on Monday morning.

The video comes from a surveillance camera mounted on a house just across the street from where Gaynier was shot.

Police are still reviewing the footage and it has not been released.

There are plenty of unanswered questions in this case. What was Gaynier doing in the Oak Cliff neighborhood? Why was he acting so aggressively? Could the officer have done anything other than stop Gaynier with a gun?

His family will want those answers. Gaynier leaves behind a one-year old son.

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