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Argyle Anguish: Counselors At School Helping Students With Tragic Loss

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Heartbreak from a state away.  In New Mexico, the Miller family from Argyle was traveling home from vacation. About 20-miles south of Bloomfield, when Police say a 24-year-old drowsy driver crossed the center lane and hit the family’s van. In an instant Mike Miller, his wife LeAnn, and their children twelve-year old Zoey and seven-year old Miles were killed on impact.

“I think its all disbelief, you know it just happened and you know yesterday it was all pretty much shock.” Said Liz Edwards, Director of Children’s Ministries at Argyle United Methodist Church.

Zoey was excited about starting the 6th grade, her brother miles was going to be a second grader.

“They were wonderful kids, wonderful family.” Said Hilltop Elementary School counselor, Michael Ball.

Those who went to school with the miller kids now have to deal with the loss of a friend.

“Its extremely hard to do and its hard for us to understand as adults and for children its so hard.” Said Edwards.

Monday councilors at Hilltop elementary met with students who are having a hard time processing the reality of this tragic accident.

“I think the main thing is just being there for kids allowing them to express themselves.” Said Ball.

Edwards agreed saying “I think the main thing for parents to remember is that they need to reassure their children.”

Handling news like this at such a young age is traumatic for any kid to hear. Meanwhile, at the Miller’s home the house is full of family members who have come together to do the unthinkable. Plan a funeral for four loved ones.



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