Sexual Assault: Garland PD Searches for Suspects

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GARLAND – Garland police are searching for the whereabouts of two men accused of sexually assaulting a woman early Saturday morning. Police say the men targeted a woman at the Woodridge apartment complex while she was alone in her apartment.

“This lady’s husband had just left to go to work,”Garland Police spokesman Joe Harn said. “We suspicion that these guys were actually looking at the apartment saw him leave.”

Investigators released surveillance video, of the apartment parking lot, in hopes of generating leads from the public. The video shows a dark pick-up leaving the complex. Police believe the truck belongs to the suspects. “They think it’s either a Chevrolet or GMC pickup, extended cab, with a tool box in the back and a dark color,” Harn explained.

Details of the crime are chilling. Police say while one suspect searched the apartment, the other threatened the woman with a knife, tied her up, covered her face and sexually assault her.

“It’s dark, she’s not able to give us any kind of facial description other than that maybe one of the men was about 5’ 8”, 5’ 9”, medium build.”

Garland is looking for any help from the public in hunting down the suspects, to get them off the streets and away from our homes.

If you have any information you can contact Garland Crime Stoppers at 972-272-8477 or visit their website at