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Texas Cookout: DFW Under Heat Advisory

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DALLAS – The heat is on in North Texas. Sizzling triple digit temps have us under a heat advisory through the weekend. But, some folks still braved the beating sun to enjoy what’s left of summer break.

“We came to bring the kids out here just to have a little fun but we didn`t realize it was going to be this hot today,” one woman said as she visited the Continental Bridge.

“It`s getting to us at the moment but we`ve got this water park behind us and I think we`re going to go visit that,” Lance Koppa added.

Well, we can`t complain too much. This summer brought some record lows that made July feel more like November. Saturday marked the ninth triple digit day of the year. Hey, that’s well below last year`s total of 28. What’s more, we’re on track for breaking a six-year streak of 20-plus days over the century mark.

Okay, stats don’t change the fact that it’s still hot outside. These days, the only relief comes from a stray cloud or an ice cold slushy.

Temperatures are expected to stay near 100-all week; just another North Texas summer.

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