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Getting Loaded: TABC Proposes Policy Changes For Booze Sales at Gun Shows

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MESQUITE — The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is taking on a loaded issue. The commission is considering changing its policy when it comes to selling alcohol at gun shows.

It could be a shot in the dark, but under the proposed amendment, gun shows would have to bite the bullet and stick to strict requirements if alcohol is within target.

The TABC would require a written agreement that prohibits live ammunition inside the venue where the show is being held; firearms must be disabled; and delivery of firearms would not be allowed inside the event venue, if alcohol were to be sold. Under current TABC policy, alcohol service and consumption is suspended during a show.

It appears not every pistol packer is ready to pull the trigger on this issue. NewsFix caught up with some people who were in Mesquite for the Premier Gun Show.

“Half of what we’re here for is ammo and re-loading types supplies,” attendee David Hall said. “No, if they’re going to have restrictions further than what we have today, and make things harder to acquire, like ammunition, no, no, no alcohol.”

“I don’t think it’s something they need to pursue – this is a gun show,” David Potts added. “It’s not a bar, or anything else. If you wanna have a drink,  go to a place where you can get a drink.”

“I don’t think guns and alcohol mix, even though it’s a gun show,” Jay Wysong said.

TABC should know by next month if the public is gunning for this change; September 8th marks the end of the 30-day public comment period.


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