Detention Worthy: DISD Looking for Suspected Vandals

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DALLAS –Dallas ISD police hope recently released pictures that capture young boys vandalizing an elementary school, will help investigators identify the suspects.

The pictures were taken from surveillance video that showed a group of suspected trespassing teens who showed up at Edward Titche Elementary not to study, rather to steal.

Officers say the alleged pilfering posse broke into the school on Monday night. The teens were caught on camera vandalizing the campus: they destroyed a copier; broke into a vending machine; and set-off fire extinguishers.

What’s more, investigators say the suspected schoolboy bandits took off with backpacks, a wheelchair, a bull-horn and other items. In all, the suspects reportedly caused $50,000 in damages.

If you recognize any of the guys, Dallas ISD wants to hear from you. They’re looking for any information that can help them solve this case.