What a Week: Cowboys Dominate Headlines for Wrong Reasons

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The Dallas Cowboys lost the first preseason game against the San Diego Chargers Thursday night. But America’s Team is winning the battle of headlines off the field.

First, there were the racy photos of Owner Jerry Jones with a couple of young fans.

Then, former player Josh Brent walked into a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Brent is trying to get back in the game since the accident that killed teammate Jerry Brown.

Of course, not wanting to be out done by his old man, Steven Jones, the team’s Executive VP, was all over TMZ after the site posted video of  Jones inside the Cowboys bus with a few ladies outside an L.A. hotspot.

We could care less about how he chooses to unwind, but other NFL team executives seem to mind. According to a report from CBS Sports, the NFL’s top ref, Dean Blandino was also on board the bus. Jason La Confora reports some team execs are fuming over the potential of Blandino playing favorites and disrupting the ‘competitive balance.’

After a memorable chaotic week, our first opportunity to watch the Cowboys in action this season seemed so minor. But for those who bleed silver and blue, a 27-7 loss still hurts — even in August.

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