Way Too Direct: DirecTV Contractor Takes Pics of 12YO Girl

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MURPHY, TX — Waiting for the cable guy to show up can be a frustrating experience, but for one local family it turned into a disturbing encounter.

Back in August of 2012, two repairmen showed up at a family’s home in Murphy to fix a broken DVR.

One of these men was Wahren Scott Massey, a convicted sex offender. What happened next will send chills down any parent’s spine.

“The second installer was lurking behind, downstairs. The 12-year-old daughter was practicing her gymnastics in her gymnastic clothes and this man starts taking pictures of her,” recounts the family’s attorney, Rob Crain. “He even said ‘shhh, don’t tell anybody’ as he was continuing to take pictures.”

The girl ran away and told her mother what happened, who then called the police.

According to Murphy PD, when they arrived at the scene Massey said it was all a “misunderstanding”. When cops confiscated his phone and told him they would run an analysis to retrieve all photos, even deleted ones.

He claimed other people had access to his phone. Yeah, sure.

Eventually he did plead guilty and is now back in prison.

The family is now filing a lawsuit against DirecTV, trying to get answers on how the company let Massey slip through the cracks.

“What the family’s initial goal has been all along is to have a conversation with DirecTV about how this happened and how to prevent this from happening again,” says Crain. “DirecTV has chosen not to engage in that discussion and we want that discussion to happen.”

In an official statement, DirecTV said that Massey “has absolutely no affiliation with DirecTV. The actual installer was a Mastec contractor who, in violation of company policy, brought the subject with him. The relationship between Mastec and the contractor was terminated.”

Well, the next time you answer the door for the repairman, you might want to ask for more than just his employee ID.