Truck Yard is Full of Character and Good Food

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One popular Greenville Ave. hangout merges the love of the food truck with a little bit of country, a little bit of rock & roll and a whole lot of everything else.

Truck Yard Over Head

The Truck Yard is the brain child of Twisted Roots‘ Jason Boso. For Boso, doodles on a cocktail napkin and chats with friends turned into a backyard party-fantasy junkyard, complete with a tree house bar and a stage created from a gutted truck.

Jason says, “You got rotating food trucks everyday; you can get Indian one day, get southern the next day.” And if you aren’t in the mood for the food trucks that day, you can grab a Philly cheese steak from radiator shop turned kitchen — also at the yard.


The eclectic laid back food stop fits Boso’s personality. He explains, “I’m just a regular guy. I drink Lone Star beer and I love fart jokes. I’m not trying to be fancy; I’m just trying to bring a better product to the everyday man and have a little fun with it.”

You can check out the Truck Yard at  5624 Sears St., Dallas, TX 75206

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