Spreading Sickness: Ebola Now International Threat

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You might want to keep the sanitizing wipes handy. The World Health Organization now says Ebola is an international threat.

They say Nigeria could be the next country on the list for the outbreak after cases of people with infections started popping up there.

So far, more than 930 people have died from Ebola, that we know of.

The U.S. Agency for International Development is sending experts from the CDC to Liberia to try and get a hold on the virus.

But not to worry, there’s no need to panic about it spreading in the U.S. just yet because doctors from the CDC say they know how to treat it. Probably because the two people infected in the U.S., Nancy Writebol and Ft. Worth Doctor Kent Brantly, are recovering well at Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

Speaking of Dr. Brantly, he made made his first public statement Friday saying he is getting “the very best care possible” and “growing stronger everyday.”

Hopefully, the teams who are going to help don’t go from being caregivers to patients.


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