Red All Over: Perry in Fort Worth for RedState Gathering

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FORT WORTH, TX — What color are you, Texas? Right now, the city of Fort Worth is bathed in rosy red for the state’s Republican big shots.

You know who’s headlining a large GOP gathering in Cowtown? Yes, our governor, Rick Perry.

He used the annual RedState Gathering to launch his failed presidential bid three years ago. Sorry about the bitter reminder, folks. Oops.

This time, Perry is trying to set a new tone for another possible campaign. On Friday, he was sniping about President Obama, the economy, and of course, immigration.

“The government intrudes where it has no constitutional authority. It often fails when it does have that authority. You don’t have to look any farther than the Southern border of the United States, ” Perry said to a crowd of Republican supporters at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel.

But supporters across the state are starting to look past Perry and eyeing his next successor. It looks like things are heating up between Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and her Republican opponent, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

She’s going on the offensive, questioning Abbott’s vote in a controversial rape case. Not to be outdone, Abbott is taking the high road, rolling out a new campaign ad featuring his Spanish-speaking mother-in-law. I guess it pays to be conservative when you have a comfortable lead in the polls.