Parental Pressure: Mom & Dad Driving Teens to Distraction

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We all know talking or texting behind the wheel is an expressway to distracted driving.

Well, now a new study could have you tapping your brakes. Researchers at the American Psychological Associations found about 53% of teens who are talking while driving, were on the phone with… wait for it — a parent!

Hmmm, ok kids. Looks like you can blame mom and pops for your road warrior ways.

In the study, teens say parents are just trying to keep track of them. And in some cases, their parent might blow up their phone until they answer.

Geesh! Sounds like a case of parental pressure.

In the ‘rents defense, the study also shows teens are more likely to text their friends.

So, what do parents have to say about this new street study?

“Well, I think that’s a like or b.s. because everyone has to be responsible drivers,” one mad dad said. “I get on my daughter all the time not to do that.”

Another parent disagrees, “Make sure you tell them to stop, make a quick stop, make sure they want to tell you when they are in a safe parkway or something.”

Hey, sounds fair. Safety is key.. especially on the road.