Not So Tax Free: There’s a Catch

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It’s that time of year again! No, not melting season; it’s tax free weekend for back-to-school in Texas.

Yep, you can get a bunch of back-to-school stuff without paying that pesky tax — this weekend only — but like everything else, there’s a catch.

But here’s the good news: School uniforms and just about everything your fashionista could want when it comes to clothes and shoes is tax free.

And — not as exciting — most school supplies are tax free.

But when it comes to everything else, that’s when it gets a little bit kooky as far as what is and isn’t exempt.

Like books. You would think those would be high on the list for students. Nope. Taxed.

But wait. Masks and costumes? Yep, they’re exempt.

Jewelry? Taxed.


Say your kids play baseball and need sports gear. Well…

Baseball caps and jerseys are exempt, but cleats, pants, and gloves are taxed.


And if your little girl needs hair bows, clips, or barrettes, you’re outta luck. Taxed.

But hey, hunting vests are exempt. Hhmmm…. is that educational?

So, what are the hot ticket deals that have folks beating the heat and the crowds?

So good luck, folks. Just remember: When it comes to tax free weekend, there’s a price to pay.


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