Dumbass of the Day: Trio Refuses to Stop Sexing in Public Hot Tub

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PEORIA, AZ — Dumbass of the Day is really, dumbasses.

The honor goes to a drunk Arizona mom who had a threesome with her boyfriend and another woman in an apartment complex hot tub. When cops arrived,  they were so into one another, they refused to stop having sex!

After Gina Rayner, her boyfriend Anthony Vechiola and Jennifer Duchnowski finally separated, the officer says he heard a child crying for his mother.

Turns out, it was Rayner’s five-year-old son.

A concerned neighbor called police Sunday night after spotting the child roaming around the complex calling for his ‘mommy’.

All three have been charged with public sexual indecency. Rayner is also charged with child abuse.

And that’s how we end up with not one, not two, but three Dumbasses of the Day.