Capture Countdown: Mistakenly Released Prisoners Still Out & About

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DALLAS, TX — It’s been over 50 days since nearly two dozen prisoners were released by mistake.  The cases weren’t filed in time, and Dallas Police Department’s new computer system had a glitch.

Three of the inmates are back behind bars, but that leaves at least 20 more to go.

Roll call!

Out of those still ‘out and about,’ there are inmates wanted for: 1 burglary of a coin operated machine, 5 car burglaries, 2 house burglaries, 4 thefts, 2 for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 1 forgery, 4 family violence crimes—3 of which that were felonies, and 1 robbery suspect.

We reached out to DPD and received no word concerning any re-arrests this week.