Tag You’re It: TollTag Turns 25 Years Old

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PLANO, TX — Go, TollTag, it’s ya birthday! The TollTag turned 25 years old Thursday.

This high-tech, money taking system started right here in North Texas and is now used all over the world.

“It has literally transformed the tolling industry,” said one NTTA official.

The system wasn’t always what it is today.

“Keep in mind, this is an era before cell phones, and nobody had heard about it before,” NTTA spokesperson Michael Rey said.  “It allowed people back then to just kind of whiz on through toll booths, not have to wait in line, not have to throw coins in a bucket.”

Yeah, you TollTag vets know what we’re talking about.  Remember those thick toll cards?

The 25 longest toll tag customers were honored Thursday.

“I was the original, the first person to own a TollTag,” Jennie Ling said.  “It was the best thing to happen to me, because I’m in real estate and it saved me so much time to get from one place to another.  I got a call from the TollTag authorities, and they said…what is your account number. I looked it up and it said two.”

Wow! Two, out of millions of customers.

NTTA officials showed NewsFix a video from the very first TollTag User back in 1989. They’ve come a long way!

Just this week, however, the NTTA accidentally charged thousands for connector fees. They’re giving those folks their money back. Guess its a few bugs in the name of progress.

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