Stowaway Speaks: Woman Apologizes For Sneaking On Plane

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southwest stowawayLOS ANGELES – In case you didn’t know, boarding a plane without a ticket is against the law.

Take a lesson from Marilyn Hartman. The 62-year-old ‘San-Fran Stowaway’ is speaking out about her sneaky ways, and her latest freebie flight from San Jose to LAX.

“It was stupid and something I don’t want to repeat,” Hartman said.

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So, what about all of those other offenses?

Hartman has been arrested six times in 2014 alone, trying to be a ticket-less jet-setter.

And get this, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help send the seemingly wacky woman to a Hawaii.

But – there’s a catch.

She has to prove she’s actually got cancer and is going for treatment. Turns out, she has allegedly claimed that was her motive for those multiple frequent flyer efforts to get to paradise.

So far, more than $1,300 has been raised. And it sounds like Hartman, who also claims she’s homeless, needs it.

“I have $4.25,” Hartman said.

We’re not sure how easily it’ll be for Hartman to getaway, now that she’s been banned from San Francisco International Airport and LAX.

“Obviously they’ll be on the watch for me, so I would dare attempt this again,” Hartman said.

You’d think this woman’s name would have been put on the ‘no fly’ list a long time ago.

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