Raw Deal? Colleyville Mom’s TP Prank Case Dropped

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COLLEYVILLE, TX — It’s probably one of the oldest pranks in the books. Yeah, you may have even participated in the notorious TP trick.

43-year-old Tara Mauney is at the center of a toilet paper caper gone too far.

The Colleyville mom is out $1,900 and got a bad wrap after the Tarrant County D.A. dismissed the case that charged her with criminal mischief.

Back in the summer of 2012, cops say a group of girls staying at Mauney’s home trashed a neighbor’s place.

And this prank went beyond paper. According to court documents, the ‘juvi jokesters’ put raw chicken in the mailbox, a toilet in the driveway, tagged the walls and littered the lawn with ketchup tampons.


Back then, Mauney’s attorney, Tom Hall said, “We have eyewitness accounts that Tara did not participate in any manor, whatsoever, in any criminal conduct while at her home.”

Well, on Thursday, the D.A. dropped the case but required Mauney to pay restitution and write her neighbor an apology letter.

The case was dismissed at the request of Mauney’s neighbor who reportedly didn’t want the kids involved to deal with a public trial. A statement from the neighbor’s lawyer reads: “It was never her goal to make her neighbor a convicted felon for this immature incident.”

Uhh yeah, an immature incident that could have possibly landed Mauney in jail for two years and a fine of $10,000.

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