Questionable Shooting? Protesters Target DPD in Search of Answers

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DALLAS — Mothers Against Police Brutality gathered outside of the Dallas Police Department on Thursday evening, and demanded  answers. The group wants to see the video that captured the death of a mentally ill man.

“We want to know what is on that video; we want to see what was on that video,” Collette Flanagan, founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality said.

38-year-old Jason Harrison was shot and killed by two Dallas officers back in June. Police say Harrison was armed with a screwdriver and lunged at them. Officers John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins claimed they shot in self-defense. The shooting was caught on body-cams, worn by the cops.

According to autopsy results, Harrison was shot six times – twice in the back. Dallas PD reviewed the video, and in a statement released last month said: ‘..the autopsy accurately describes the wounds that would have resulted when the two officers were forced to discharge their weapons.’

The video is in the hands of the district attorney`s office, but has not been publicly released.

“These cameras that these policemen have are supposed to build relations and give transparency to the communities,” Flanagan said.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave, but are back on the streets. Now, these probing protesters are firing their shots at DPD.

“This death did not have to happen; something terribly wrong went down that Saturday,” protestor John Fullinwider said.

“We hold you guys to a higher standard than what you guys are giving us,” Harrison’s brother, David Harrison said.

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